Journal of Double Star Observations - Publication Guide

JDSO Paper Submission Policy

The JDSO publishes research papers by professional astronomers, graduate, undergraduate and high-school students and amateur and professional astronomers pertaining to the measurement and classification of double stars. Papers that describe non-essential double star activity, such as star parties or general articles on double stars, will not be accepted for publication.

All papers submitted to the JDSO for publication must adhere to the JDSO Submissions template, available here.  Any paper that is submitted without abiding by this template will be returned so the author(s) may rework it and submit it in the approved format. Under no conditions will the JDSO accept for consideration papers written in a font other than Times New Roman, or any file format other than docx or LaTeX, including PDF files and other formats, such as Google Docs.

All tables must be fit on a portrait-oriented page and the minimum font size allowed will be 9 pt. If your table is too wide to fit on a portrait page, eliminate some of the columns or break it up into two tables.

Papers will be reviewed by a qualified referee who will make comments in the manuscript (if needed) in a colored font. Your submitted file will then be saved with the referee’s initials appended to the end of the file name. If the referee asks you to rewrite parts or all of your paper, the refereed version will be returned to you so you may take the appropriate action and resubmit the paper. If you have questions for the referee regarding his or her comments, you may send them here: