Journal of Double Star Observations - Publication Guide

The Journal of Double Star Observations (JDSO) publishes articles on any and all aspects of astronomy involving double and binary stars. The JDSO is especially interested in observations made by amateur astronomers. Articles that are of more general interest such as articles describing double stars, observing sessions, star parties, etc. are also welcome.

Submitted manuscripts must be original, unpublished material and written in English. They should contain an abstract and a short description or biography (2 or 3 sentences) of the author(s).

Reports of measurements of double stars must include the following data:

Tables of measurements should follow the format of the Double Star Observer and should use the Courier New font.

An example follows:

NAME        RA+DEC      MAGS       PA    SEP   DATE       N       NOTES
Che 436     23218+4226  10.2,11.0  336.7 30.00 2003.633    1        1
Che 437AB   23223+4204  10.7,10.8  187.5 31.46 2003.633    1        2

where "Notes" could contain telescope aperture and method used.

Submissions should be made electronically via e-mail to Rachel Freed ( Articles should be attached to the email in Microsoft Word or text format. Please contact the editors about accommodating articles in other formats.

All figures must be in jpeg or fits format, be numbered consecutively, have a caption that explains all symbols and significance so that the reader can understand the figure without reference to the text. All tables should be numbered consecutively and be titled. All figures and tables should be referred to in the body of the article.

Descriptions of previous work by others must be cited in the manuscript and a list of references for those citations must be given at the end of the article. The accuracy of the references is the sole responsibility of the author(s), and care should be taken that each literature citation in the manuscript has its counterpart in the reference list and vice versa. All references should be listed in alphabetical order.

Citations should be entered into the text with the author's last name and the year of publication, eg., (Jones, 2002). In the case of 3 or more joint authors, the text reference should be written as follows: (Jones, et al. 2002).

All references must be listed at the end of the text. References to a journal article should follow the following format:

          Anton, Rainer.,  2004, The Double Star Observer,  10, 2-10.
where "2004" is the year of the issue, "10" is the volume number, and "2-10" are the first and last page numbers. In the case of a book, the reference should look like the following:
         Burnham's Celestial Handbook, R. Burnham, Jr., Dover Publications, New York 1978.