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Journal of Double Star Observations

R. Kent Clark
Russell M. Genet
Richard Harshaw
Jo Johnson
Rod Mollise

Assistant Editor
Vera Wallen

Student Assistant Editor
Eric Weise

Advisory Editors
William I. Hartkopf
Brian D. Mason

Web Master
Michael Boleman

The Journal of Double Star Observations (ISSN 2572-4436) is an electronic journal published quarterly. Copies can be freely downloaded from http://www.jdso.org.

No part of this issue may be sold or used in commercial products without written permission of the JDSO.


Questions, comments, or submissions may be directed to rclark@southalabama.edu or to rmollise@bellsouth.net

The Journal of Double Star Observations (JDSO) publishes articles on any and all aspects of astronomy involving double and binary stars. The JDSO is especially interested in observations made by amateur astronomers. Submitted articles announcing measurements, discoveries, or conclusions about double or binary stars may undergo a peer review. This means that a paper submitted by an amateur astronomer will be reviewed by other amateur astronomers doing similar work.

Not all articles will undergo a peer-review. Articles that are of more general interest but that have little new scientific content such as articles generally describing double stars, observing sessions, star parties, etc. will not be refereed.

Submitted manuscripts must be original, unpublished material and written in English. They should contain an abstract and a short description or biography (2 or 3 sentences) of the author(s).

Submissions should be made electronically via e-mail to rclark@southalabama.edu or to rmollise@bellsouth.net. Articles should be attached to the email in Microsoft Word, Word Perfect, Open Office, or text format. All images should be in jpg or fits format.